Tell Florida Lawmakers to Oppose the “Stop WOKE Act”

The “Stop WOKE Act” is a divisive and unnecessary piece of legislation. House Bill 7 would censor protected speech in workplaces and classrooms by banning teaching concepts about systemic racism, gender, and race discrimination. HB 7 will also give employees the ability to file discrimination claims against an employer engaging in such trainings or discussions.
Ths bill does nothing to address the critical needs of Floridians, but instead furthers the political agenda of Governor DeSantis and extremist legislators in Tallahassee, while simultaneously stifling the voices of historically disenfranchised populations. This legislation could have negative implications for the LGBTQ+ community and efforts to improve workplaces and schools across Florida. 

Truth and facts matter and any efforts to ban conversations about race or sex is a threat to efforts to change hearts and minds as we fight for equality for all. 

Rush a message to lawmakers telling them to OPPOSE the "Stop WOKE Act”


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