Count Me In.

Celebrate Transgender Visibility

Supporting transgender and non-binary visibility doesn't happen just one day a year -- it should be something you're doing each and every day. We are working to advocate for the rights and lives of the transgender and non-binary community –– but we all must do more –– can we count you in?

As LGBTQ+ people and allies, we have a responsibility to fight for EVERYONE in our movement. Now is the time to get loud, get visible, and spread awareness on behalf of transgender and non-binary people. The more people who show they care, including allies and trans and non-binary people who speak up for the most marginalized in our community, the more hearts and minds we will change.

We’re asking you to join us in fighting for our transgender and non-binary siblings by signing our pledge.

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How many transgender and non-binary lives must be taken for people to pay attention? How many hateful bills will anti-trans politicians have to put forward for more folks to say they’re sick of it? How much dangerous and stigmatizing rhetoric about transgender people will influential people get away with before it’s finally a deal-breaker? When will enough be enough?  

Enough starts today… with you and your renewed commitment to uplifting and supporting the transgender and non-binary community. Can we count on you?


This is about more than words on paper; this is about taking action, fighting back and showing up in a real way for trans people at every chance you get. This is about turning our solidarity into our collective power, not speaking for but putting in the work with the community to advance justice.

Together, we can transform the world. 


In state legislatures across the country...

Legislators in statehouses across the country are using the same old failed tactics to target transgender and non-binary youth that we’ve seen time and time again in prior attacks against our community. They’re targeting the very rights and dignities that every child is entitled to, from penalizing science-based and medically-needed care, to banning transgender athletes from participating in sports, to prohibiting transgender and non-binary people from correcting the gender marker on their identification.

Transgender lives are on the line... 

2020 and 2021 were the deadliest years on record for transgender people, especially Black and Brown trans people. At least 44 transgender or gender non-conforming people were violently killed in 2020. We say “at least” because too often these deaths go unreported or misreported. Sadly, this trend continues.  The people violently taken from us aren’t numbers or statistics … they are loving partners, parents, family members and friends. They are our neighbors, torn from our communities.  This violence is an epidemic and it must be addressed.

We’ve had enough. It's on us to do something about this. We need you to take action HRC and transgender and non-binary people around the globe. Can We Count You In?