Tell Governor Brad Little to VETO HB 500 & HB 509!

Rather than focusing on the public health crisis at hand, the Idaho legislature has focused its energy on passing two anti-transgender bills!

  • HB 500, an extremely egregious and invasive bill that, if signed into law, would prohibit transgender youth from participating in sports consistent with their gender identity and violate the privacy of transgender youth by outing them to their peers, teachers or coaches.
  • HB 509, would circumvent a federal court ruling that requires the state to provide accurate birth certificates to transgender people that reflect their gender identity --this bill attempts to sidestep this ruling.

These bills are not only blatantly discriminatory but a manufactured solution looking for a problem that does not exist in Idaho.

Further, taxpayers should not be forced to pay the cost to defend yet another lawsuit that has already been decided by a federal court. Tell Governor Little to VETO HB 500 & HB 509!



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