Tell Trump, Pence and Pompeo to Stand Up for Human Rights in Brunei and Around the World.

Brunei has just enacted one of the world’s most horrifying anti-LGBTQ laws. Under this draconian law, LGBTQ people can be whipped, tortured and even stoned to death. And around the world, LGBTQ people still face discrimination, persecution and violence — in fact, in at least ten countries, LGBTQ people could be put to death.. 

As others around the globe have spoken out and called for swift action in the face of this global human rights crisis — Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have been silent. They have abandoned America’s moral leadership on human rights and let authoritarian regimes attack LGBTQ people and roll back hard-won rights. 

We need your help to get their attention. We need them to take action. Tell our leaders they must speak out and act — and help protect the lives of LGBTQ people in Brunei and so many places around the world, such as Chechnya and Tanzania. 

Join HRC in sending a message to Trump, Pence and Pompeo to urge them to demonstrate moral leadership and begin putting human rights first at home and abroad. Add your voice and demand action!

Donald Trump, Mike Pence,
and Mike Pompeo
White House

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