Your Senators need to hear from you today!

The Senate has PASSED the Respect for Marriage Act — send your thanks!

The Senate has voted on the Respect for Marriage Act, which helps protect marriage equality nationwide. This legislation has passed with bipartisan support, demonstrating widespread public support for same-sex marriage across the country. The Respect for Marriage Act guarantees the federal rights, benefits, and obligations of marriages in the federal code; repeals the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act; and affirms that public acts, records, and proceedings should be recognized by all states.

The Respect for Marriage Act helps guarantee the federal protections recognized by the Supreme Court’s Loving and Windsor decisions. These landmark rulings stated that bans on marriage equality and denial of federal marriage benefits are unconstitutional.

Please take a moment to send your messages of appreciation or disappointment based on how your senators voted on final passage of the Respect for Marriage Act. Your senators need to hear from you today.


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