Tell the Texas Legislature: No Discrimination in Texas!

Governor Greg Abbott gave in to bullying from Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and other anti-LGBTQ politicians and announced a special session that includes a call for anti-transgender legislation. Such legislation would not only harm transgender people, but also damage the state’s economy and reputation.

Extreme legislators in both chambers have already pre-filed legislation that would discriminate against LGBTQ and especially transgender Texans including SB3, SB91, SB23, HB46 & HB50. We expect to face even more bills before the special session ends!

All eyes are on Texas right now. There has already been a national outcry against discriminatory legislation the state passed during the just-completed regular session:
·       an anti-immigrant law that tears families apart and promotes racial profiling
·       more restrictions on women’s reproductive health care
·       special protections for foster and adoption agencies that discriminate against LGBTQ families

The special session began on July 18 and runs for 30 days. We must send a clear signal to lawmakers that we are watching – and we’re not backing down. Contact your legislators and state leaders, and tell them to oppose discriminatory legislation targeting transgender Texans.


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