Trump Plans to Issue a License-To-Discriminate Executive Order

First it was his Muslim Ban. Then it was his deportation force. Now it’s a license-to-discriminate. And while our experts are still assessing the full ramifications and damage of this hateful, heartless order, two things are indisputable: this is a ruthless license-to-discriminate, and if it goes unchallenged, it will usher in a massive rollback of our rights, progress and hard work.

We must fight back today and make sure Trump hears us loud and clear. Add your name to demand the White House immediately stop their plans for a license-to-discriminate and call on Trump to protect LGBTQ rights.

As a supporter of equality, I won't allow Donald Trump to issue an Executive Order that could put millions of LGBTQ people at risk. The White House can call this whatever they want but we know it is about granting a dangerous national license-to-discriminate. That's why anti-LGBTQ groups are celebrating, and why Politico is calling this a "major triumph" for Mike Pence and his conservative movement.

I demand that the White House immediately end this hatred and discrimination. I demand that they stop this horrible order. And I demand that Donald Trump honors his pledge to protect the rights of all Americans.

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